Andreas Öberg, is a Swedish multi platinum songwriter, producer, guitarist and educator. Lately becoming one of the most succesful foreign song writers/producers on the vibrant Asian music market, with total sales of over 35 million physical units. Andreas has written songs on dozens of Nr 1 charting releases in Japan & South Korea (Singles & Albums). In Asia, many of Oberg's songs have also been included on chart topping DVD/Blu Ray releases and his songs have made it to the top of the Itunes album charts in over 100 different countries worldwide. 


Oberg has also written/produced songs on albums charting @ Nr 2 & Nr 6 on the US Billboard 200 album chart & Nr 1 on US Billboard album sales chart.

Oberg co-wrote & co-produced one song for the Netflix-movie "Eurovision Song Contest-The Story Of Fire Saga" currently nominated for a US Grammy in the category "Best Compilation Soundtrack For Visual Media". To this date, Oberg has accomplished more than 35 million physical single/albums sold as a songwriter/producer.

Andreas has written songs for artists such as Girl's Generation, Super M, Namie Amuro, EXO, NCT, Monsta X, EXILE, TWICE, IZ*ONE, GOT7, The Boyz, Pentagon, WAYW, SixTONES, Nine Percent, HEY SAY JUMP, Johnny's West, BoA, TVXQ, SHINee, Super Junior, Red Velvet, Baekhyun, GFRIEND, UP10TION, OH!GG, ABC-Z, B2ST, Arashi, f(x), TTS, Taeyeon, Park Bo Gum, K.R.Y, Flower, Key, Arash, Jun K, FTISLAND, SS301, Leslie Grace, Play N' Skilz, Kumi Koda, Yesung, Sexy Zone, B1A4, Kim Hyun Joong, VIXX, SF9, Hyolyn (SISTAR), Jay Park, WJMK, Misia, After School, A-JAX, 2PM, Seo In Guk, Cross Gene, Jung Yong Hwa (CN Blue), Lee Jong Hyun, Karry Wang Junkai (TF Boys), Irene & Seulgi, Alexandra Stan, Kangta, Everglow, Nu'Est, Gugudan, Jeong Sewoon, C-Clown, Momoland, Sammi Cheng, W-inds, Doberman Infinity, SPICA, Taemin, K.WILL, Shinjiro Atae, Mad Clown, Lead, Lee Dong Woo, Twins, Snuper, Kang Min Hyuk, Ulala Session, Joey Montana, Nicole Cherry, Mohombi, Color Creation, Michi, Heo Young Saeng, BerryGood, Kensho Ono, Yoo Seung Woo, Myteen, Lee Dong Woo and more. So far, Oberg has written songs on more than 350 releases with major label artists.
A highly accomplished guitar player with an advanced knowledge of the fretboard, he is noted for his very fast chops and innovative use of altered scales and harmony. With a repertoire which transcends many genres, his primary influence on the guitar is George Benson.
Since early 2012 he has been focusing on his career as pop song writer and producer writing for artists on the Asian, US and European markets. His songs has been part of more than 20 Gold/Platinum/Multiplatinum/Diamond certified releases and also several Japan Gold Disc Award winning albums (w Girls Generation, Arashi and TVXQ), Golden Disk Awards in Korea (SHINee, Super Junior, (f)x & Vixx) plus a few Billboard World Album Chart Nr 1's such as SHINee's "Odd" album and in October 2015 and F(x) "4walls" album in October 2015. Andreas has also have written songs on 6 different albums ending up on 1st place on Global Album Chart (the weekly chart for the most sold albums in the world) during 2015 & 2016. 
First one was Hey Say Jump's album "Jumping Car" second one was Super Junior's "Devil" album in July 2015, including Oberg's co-write "Forever With You" and this album also made it to Nr 1 on the Itunes charts in 11 countries. The third one was Arashi's Japan Gold Disc Awards, "Album of the Year"-awarded release "Japonism" including the song "The Deep End" that Oberg co-wrote. Japonism has also been Diamond certified in Japan by RIAJ with means over one million sold physical albums. 4th one was EXO's million selling album EX'ACT (mentioned below) and 5th was Japanese girl group Flower's album "This Is Best" which also topped the Japanese album chart. 6th one was Arashi's 3x platinum album "Are You Happy", including "Two To Tango" co-written by Oberg.
In December 2015 his co-written single "Dear Santa" with Girls' Generation-TTS did an "All-Kill" and hit Nr1 on all the 8 different real-time charts in South Korea. During March 2016, Red Velvet's single "One of these nights" co-written by Oberg won the 1st prize on all the Korean TV-shows (Show Champion, M! Countdown, Inkigayo, The Show & Music Bank) and the mini album went Nr 1 on the album chart. In June 2016, Oberg co-wrote "Stronger" on both the Korean & Chinese version of EXO's album EX'ACT. The album had EXO's highest number of pre-orders at the time: more than 660k copies. The album versions charted at Nr 1 and 2 on the Korean album chart Gaon (for 3 weeks straight) and Nr 1 on the Global album chart, as the most selling album in the world - week 25, 2016. Including the repackage version of EX'ACT called LOTTO, the sales are so far at 1,2 million physical copies.

Legendary Japanese band EXILE, released their official Fuji Tv Olympic theme song ”Joyride” in Aug 2016. The song was co-written by Andreas Oberg and became RIAJ Gold certificated as a single and also RIAJ Platinum certificated as part of EXILE’s following Best Of-album. The song had extensive airplay in Japan during the Olympic broadcasts.

In Dec 2016, EXO released their 2nd Japanese single "Coming Over" co-written by Oberg. The single was launched with a massive promotional campaign in Tokyo & went Nr 1 on the Oricon single chart on Dec 11th. During the same month EXO released their Korean/Chinese "Winter Special" mini album also including a song co-written by Oberg called "Winter Heat".
In Aug 2017, Andreas contributed with the song ”Only One” to Girl’s Generations 10th anniversary album ”Holiday Night”. The album topped the iTunes album charts in 19 countries inc Sweden, Argentina, Romania, Denmark & Hungary and also landed at Nr 8 in USA. This lead to a total Nr 1 placements on the World iTunes charts as well as on Billboard’s World album chart.
In November 2017, legendary Japanese artist Namie Amuro released her best of-album "Finally". The album includes her single "Mint" co-written by Andreas Oberg. The album has so far around 2,5 million physical albums & quickly became 2x Diamond certified by RIAJ. On the Global Album Chart, the album stayed as Nr 2 for three weeks straight, right behind Taylor Swift. Finally was also awarded "Album Of The Year" & the 2018 Japan Gold Disc Awards. Namie also won "Artist Of The Year" & one more album category.
In April 2018, Super Junior released their repackage album "Replay", including the new single "Lo Siento" co-written by Andreas Oberg. The song featured latin stars Leslie Grace & Play N' Skillz and the lyrics included Spanish, English & Korean. The song made it to Nr 13 on Billboard's Latin Chart, making Super Junior the first KPop group to enter the Latin Charts. Oberg  also co-wrote 2 songs for EXO-CBX 2nd Korean mini album. The album charted at Nr 1 in 36 different countries on Itunes.
On August 31st 2018, Namie Amuro released her "Final Tour" DVD including 2 songs co-written by Oberg: "Mint" & "Chit Chat". It's the best selling music DVD ever in Japan with physical sales of more than 1,75 million copies.
NCT 127 released their solo album during October 2018, including the ballad "No Longer" co-written by Oberg. The album entered Billboard Hot 200 at Nr 86 and NCT  became the 2nd highest charting K-Pop group in USA at the time.
In December 2018, EXO released their repackaged album "Love Shot" including the song "Wait", co-written by Oberg. The album went Nr 1 on Itunes album charts in 62 different countries including USA.
Red Velvet's mini album release ReVe Festival Day 2 was released in Aug 2019 & made it to Nr 1 on the Itunes album charts in USA & 37 other countries. The lead single "Umpah Umpah" is co-written & co-produced by Oberg. The album also topped the weekly Korean album chart & reached Nr 1 single spot on Billboard Korea.


In February 2020, IZ*ONE released their comeback album "Bloomiz" (including the song "Eyes"), co-written by Oberg. The album sold approx 184k physical units during the record breaking 1st day of release & then went on to sell over 500k. That number makes it one of the best selling female albums ever in Korea.


Mid June 2020, Netflix premiered their original movie "Eurovision Song Contest, The Fire Saga" starring Will Ferrell, Rachel McAdams, Demi Lovato & Pierce Brosnan.

Oberg co-wrote/co-produced one of the songs from the original soundtrack called "Running With The Wolves". The song was performed by Adam Grahn & Courtney Jenae & the album reached the Nr 2 spot on Itunes USA & top 3 on Itunes UK. The soundtrack is currently nominated for a US Grammy in the category "Best Compilation Soundtrack For Visual Media".

Early October 2020, Super M from SM Entertainment/Capitol Records, released their first full lentgh album in the USA. Oberg contributed with 3 songs on the album, charting at Nr 2 on US Billboard 200 album chart. The album also hit Nr 1 on Billboard Albums Sales & Billboard World Chart. The songs "Better Days, Step Up & So Long were all co-written by Oberg.

Later on in October, NCT released their album Resonance Part 1, followed by Part 2 a few weeks later. The albums have so far sold close to 2 million physical units. Oberg co-wrote one of the songs called "Dancing In The Rain"

Gold, Platinum & Diamond Certifications (RIAJ) of physical record releases inc. songs written by Andreas Oberg :
Arashi, Japonism: Diamond (4x platinum) Nr 1 album chart Japan
Arashi, Are U Happy: 3x Platinum, Nr 1 album Japan
Arashi, Are U Happy Live Tour, 3x Platinum, Nr 1 DVD chart Japan
Namie Amuro, Genic, Platinum, Nr 1 album chart Japan
Namie Amuro, LiveGenic, Gold, Nr 1 DVD chart Japan
Namie Amuro, Live Style 2016-2017, Gold, Nr 1 DVD chart Japan
Namie Amuro, Finally, 2x Diamond (8x platinum) Nr 1 album chart Japan
Namie Amuro, Final Tour DVD Diamond (4x Platinum) Nr 1 DVD chart Japan
Kana Nishino, Love it, Gold, Nr 2 album chart Japan
EXILE, Extreme Best, Platinum, Nr 1 album chart Japan
EXILE, Star Of Wish, Gold, Nr 1 album chart Japan
EXO, Countdown, Gold, Nr 1 album Japan
EXO, Love Shot, 2x Platinum, nr 1 album Korea
EXO, Obsession, 2x Platinum, nr 1 album Korea
EXO-CBX, Blooming Days, Platinum, Nr 1 album Korea
NCT, Resonance 4x Platinum Korea 
NCT 127 Regular Irregular, Platinum Nr 1 album Korea
MONSTA X We Live Here, Platinum Nr 1 album Korea
MONSTA X Fatal Love, Platinum Nr 1 album Korea
THE BOYZ The Chase Platinum Korea
IZ*ONE Bloomiz, Platinum album Korea
TVXQ, With: Platinum, Nr 1 album chart Japan
TVXQ, Tree: Platinum, Nr 1 album chart Japan
TVXQ, With Live, Gold, Nr 1 DVD chart Japan
TVXQ, Tree Live, Gold, Nr 1 DVD chart Japan
Girl’s Generation, Girls & Peace, Platinum, Nr 1 Itunes album chart
Girl’s Generation, Love & Peace, Platinum,  Nr 1 album chart Japan
Girl’s Generation, The Best, Gold, Nr 1 album chart Japan
SHINee, Boys Meet U, Gold, Nr 2 album chart Japan
SHINee. The Best From Now On, Nr 1 album chart Japan
Sexy Zone, Sexy Second, Gold, Nr 1 album chart Japan
Sexy Zone, Sexy Powers, Gold, Nr 1 album chart Japan
Sexy Zone, Welcome to Sexy Zone, Gold, Nr 1 album chart Japan
Sexy Zone, Best of: Gold, Nr 1 album chart Japan
Sexy Zone, Welcome to Sexy Zone, Gold, Nr 1 album chart Japan
Sexy Zone, Stage 2017, Gold, Nr 1 DVD chart Japan
Sexy Zone, Repainting Tour 2018, Gold, Nr 1 DVD chart Japan
Sexy Zone, Pop X Step!?, Gold, Nr 1 album chart Japan
Johnny’s West, Paripiro, Gold, Nr 1 album chart Japan
Johnny’s West, Lucky 7, Gold, Nr 2 single chart Japan
Johnny's West, Live 2017, Gold, Nr 1 DVD chart Japan
Hey!Say!Jump!, Jumping Car, Gold, Nr 1 album chart Japan
Hey!Say!Jump!, Sense Or Love, Platinum, Nr 1 album chart Japan
Hey!Say!Jump!, Sense Or Love Live DVD, Gold, Nr 1 album chart Japan
Flower, This is Best:, Gold, Nr 1 album chart Japan
Twice, BDZ, Gold, Nr 1 album chart Japan
Andreas Weise, Christmas Dream EP, Platinum Sweden
Andreas Weise, Before Christmas EP, Gold Sweden
Single albums:
EXO, Coming Over, Gold, Nr 1 single chart Japan
EXO, Love me right, Platinum, Nr 1 single chart Japan
EXILE, Joy-Ride: Gold, Nr 1 single chart Japan
Sexy Zone, Colorful Eyes, Gold, Nr 1 single chart Japan
Sexy Zone, Rock Tha Town, Gold Nr 1 single chart Japan
SHINee, Boys Meet U, Gold, Nr 1 single chart Japan
Kim Hyun Joong, Tonight, Gold, Nr 2 single chart Japan
Flower, Hitomi no uko no milky way, Gold, Nr 1 single chart Japan
Namie Amuro, Mint: Platinum Digital, Nr 1 Itunes & Recochoku chart Japan
Monsta X, Alligator, Gold, Japan


Andreas has co-written songs with Andreas Carlsson, Lindy Robbins, Dirty Loops, Jamie Jones, J.Y Park, Siwon Choi, Dallas Austin, Damon Sharpe, Sheppard Solomon, Nasri Atweh, Steven Lee, D-SIGN, DEEKAY, Thomas Troelsen, Alex Geringas, Bob Robinson (Tim & Bob), Erik Lidbom, Kenzie, Amber Liu, Henry Lau, Mark Pellizzer, Eric Nam and Jeff Miyahara, just to mention a few. Except for the Asian market, Andreas has also had his songs recorded by artists like INNA, Alexandra Stan, Mohombi, Frankie J, Christina Milian and by the Swedish popstars Danny Saucedo, Robin Bengtsson, Petra Marklund and Andreas Weise.

As a guitarist, Andreas had the honor of working/performing with artists like Les Paul, Eros Ramazzotti, Barbara Hendricks, Glee Cast, Frank McComb, Toots Thielemans, Hank Jones, John Patitucci, Paul Gilbert, Jennifer Batten, DJ Qbert, Bireli Lagrene, Jimmy Rosenberg and many more. He has toured and performed worlwide in over 30 countries on all the continents. With a background in jazz and blues, Andreas is using those styles as a starting point and blends them w contemporary influences into a personal guitar style. Andreas own albums on the US label Resonance Records "My Favorite Guitars" & "Six String Evolution" both had extensive airplay on the US radio and Andreas was also a featured soloist/performer on the album Resonance Big Band which received a 2010 US Grammy Award. A new solo album is planned for release in Asia during 2016.
Andreas was at times a guest lecturer at the Musicians Institute (formerly GIT) in Hollywood, California and in 2009, he created the Andreas Guitar Universe/, that he ran together with ArtistWorks Inc, for around 10 years.
Andreas Oberg, Andreas Öberg, Swedish Multi-Platinum Songwriter, Producer, Guitarist, Kpop, Jpop